Online Competition Video Recording Guidelines

Device to use

You can record your performance on any device. We suggest that you use a tripod or a stand so the camera is steady and filming is consistent.

Portrait or landscape

We recommend to film in Landscape. This allows for a wider frame which looks better when playing back on a laptop or tablet.


A good place to start when filming is to think about your lighting. You’ll want the juror and the audience to be able to see you clearly. You can choose to take advantage of any natural light or indoor lighting. Avoid shooting against the light, e.g. competitors in front of the window, let the cameraman have the window behind his back. 


Make sure the camera is not too close and also not too far away, thus making the performance feel cramped or distant. Angle your camera so that those watching can see your face and if you are playing an instrument, make sure to also include it in the shot.


Do not forget the sound as you think about the picture. Try to avoid unnecessary sounds during recording (talk, sound of entering the room where you are recording, walking, breathing, playing from the next room, car noise…). We do not recommend recording in places with strong acoustics, such as a hall with strong resonance.


Pay attention to the background the camera is recording. Clean, tidy, without excess unnecessary items, details etc.

Memory, battery and flight mode

Before you start recording, charge the battery and free up memory space on your mobile device or camera. If you are using a mobile device to record your performance, make sure you turn on the flight mode option before recording, in which case your phone is unavailable for phone calls. Turn off all other mobile devices while recording!

Trial video

Make some trial videos a few days or weeks to check things before you want to shoot the final, competitive video.


The appearance and clothing of a competitor must be appropriate and not have a provocative character, must be suitable to his/her age, and must not harm the reputation of the competition.

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